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Donate Items

We accept donations of new and gently used furniture, appliances, building materials and home goods. Your donations support affordable housing and may be tax deductible. Thank you!



Donation Pickup
We offer FREE pickup at your home or business for qualifying donations. Schedule a pick-up below or call us at 859-254-6724.
Due to the recent increase in COVID cases in Fayette County, donations must be placed in a garage or outside.

Donation Drop-Off
Donations may be dropped off at 451 Southland Drive Wednesday-Saturday, 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ReStore staff will unload and provide a donation receipt. If you have a large load (more than what can fit inside a personal vehicle), please give us advance notice of your drop-off donation by emailing or calling 859-254-6724

Items We Accept:

  • Appliances (newer than 20 years old and in 100% working order)

  • Dishwashers (newer than January 1, 2014 and in 100% working order)

  • Artwork, Home Décor, Household Goods

  • Books and Media

  • Kitchen/Bath Cabinets (no water damage, mold, or missing parts)

  • Doors (Residential interior and exterior only)

  • Windows (complete and functional)

  • Electronics (Flat-Screen TVs only less than 5 inches in depth, Stereos, Computers less than three years old)

  • Flooring (all flooring must be free of nails or fasteners)

  • Furniture (good, clean condition with no stains, rips, tears, or odors)

  • Heating and Cooling Units in full working order and less than 20 years old

  • Insulation (new and/or clean)

  • Lawn and Garden: supplies/tools, grills, assembled lawn mowers/weed eaters without gas

  • Lighting and Electrical (lamps, fixtures, ceiling fans, electrical supplies)

  • Lumber, Sheet Goods & Trim

    • Minimum of 6’ in length for dimensional lumber, minimum of ½ sheet for sheet goods (4’ X 4’). Must be free of nails, screws, or water damage

  • Mirrors (framed only)

  • Paint (Latex only and in the original container, never frozen, no rust) DROP OFF ONLY

  • Plumbing including Bathtubs and Sinks (no chipped or stained cultured marble sinks)

  • Toilets (clean, complete and assembled; 1.6 gallons per flush or less)

  • Roofing (minimum of one bundle in packaging)

  • Siding (pieces must be 6’ in length or more; clean, bundled)

  • Tools (good working condition)


Items We Cannot Accept: 

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